6'4"180 lbsSenior
Graduated in 2011
10-11 Varsity Basketball
#11SG, SF
Nat. RankNC Rank

Charles McKinney's Awards

Charles McKinney has signed with DePaul.

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  • Varsity Basketball (10-11) Player of the Week

    Week of Mon, Jan 01 0001
    Congratulations to #11 Charles McKinney who was selected as the Varsity Basketball (10-11) Player of the Week.

    Charles McKinney has the uncanny ability to get his hands on every pass that a offensive players throws because he has a incredible 6'11 wing span. He's extremely athletic and is the best on ball defender that I've ever had the pleasure of coaching. He's a he great shooter and can finish on the break. But his best attribute is his toughnest.