6'4"285 lbsSenior
Graduated in 2012
Plays Football
11-12 Varsity Football
Nat. RankPA Rank
  • Top 25 Guards and Centers
  • Sep 29, 2011
  • Recruiting
  • Football recruiting - Top 25 Guards and Centers

    Frank has been selected to the Football recruiting - Top 25 Guards and Centers. Congratulations Frank!

    Tom Lemming; I was able to watch Frank down in San Antonio and came away impressed not only with his agility, quick feet, and body control but also his technique. Well ahead of most OL prospects when it comes to technique and production, he played both tackle and guard on junior film but might be better suited to play guard in college. He comes out of his stance with quickness, strength, and purpose. He can sustain his blocks at the second level with ease and has already proven to be an outstanding run and

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  • Varsity Football (2011) Player of the Week

    Congratulations to #65 Frank Taylor who was selected as the Varsity Football (2011) Player of the Week.

    Frank controlled both lines of scrimmage against Saint Joe PREP. At 6'5 290 lbs, Frank was a in the PREP backfield all night and captured the biggest sack for a loss to date for the Vikings.

  • Frank Taylor has signed with Boston College

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