5'10"202 lbsSenior
Graduated in 2012
11-12 Varsity Football
Nat. RankTX Rank

Johnathan Gray's Awards

John Gray has signed with Texas.

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  • Varsity Football (10-11) Player of the Year

    Congratulations to #32 Johnathan Gray who was selected as the Varsity Football (10-11) Player of the Year.

    Johnathan rushed for 3,221 yeards and 59 TD's for the season. He capped his junior season off with an 8 TD record in the State Championship Game in which we won 69-34. He set the single season rushing TD recoord with 59 TD's.

  • Football recruiting: 2012 Top 100

    Johnathan has been selected to the Football recruiting - 2012 Top 100. Congratulations Johnathan!

    Tom Lemming: A three-ring circus, he can run, catch, and block. He's an explosive ball player with great vision.

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