6'3"305 lbsSenior
Graduated in 2012
Plays Football
11-12 Varsity Football
#58DL, OLYes
Nat. RankFL Rank

Teko Powell's Awards

Teko Powell has committed to Illinois.

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  • Varsity Football (11-12) Player of the Week

    Week of Mon, Jan 01 0001
    Congratulations to #58 Teko Powell who was selected as the Varsity Football (11-12) Player of the Week.

    5 tackles, 2 tackles for lost, 1 sack

  • Football recruiting: Top 25 Defensive Ends

    Teko has been selected to the Football recruiting - Top 25 Defensive Ends. Congratulations Teko!

    Tom Lemming; He excels as a run stuffer and can also chase and close on swift QB's from behind. A good combination of strength, speed, and determination. He can anchor and could eventually move to the DT position. Still raw, he needs work on his technique but the athleticism is certainly there.

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