Graduated in 2014
11-12 JV Basketball

Timothy Hudson's Basketball Stats

  1. JV 11-12
  2. JV 10-11
#11 Timothy Hudson Sophomore
The King's Academy (Woodstock, GA) Knights

Scoring/Shooting: Points, Field Goals, and Three-Pointers

11/05W 36-31Paulding Panthers314251425
11/18W 93-12Trinity Christian42450000
11/19W 45-36Horizon Christian Academy3133311100
11/19W 48-32Jubilee Christian Academy42540020
12/03W 49-41North Atlanta Christian Flight4
12/09W 51-9Killian Hill Christian21333010
12/12W 37-28Holy Spirit Prep1020010
01/06W 59-10Heritage Academy947571250
01/09L 46-57The Weber School628251250
01/13W 56-40Harvester Christian Academy315201333
01/14W 55-43CSTHEA Patriots21333020
01/16L 29-45Macon Area Christian HomeSchool625402450
01/19L 55-60Christian Heritage0030010
01/21W 73-34New Creation Christian Academy94850030
01/24W 52-34Trinity Chapel Academy63650020
01/26W 46-42Cumberland Christian Academy21250000
01/30W 41-28Holy Spirit Prep1050010
02/03W 60-16Heritage Academy62210022100
02/06W 47-41Macon Area Christian HomeSchool515201425
02/07W 48-45Greater Gwinnett Christian314251250
02/18W 49-37CSTHEA Patriots52210011100
02/24L 46-60Greater Gwinnett Christian21333010

Scoring/Shooting: Two-Pointers and Free Throws

11/05W 36-31Paulding Panthers000000
11/18W 93-12Trinity Christian2450000
11/19W 45-36Horizon Christian Academy020000
11/19W 48-32Jubilee Christian Academy2367000
12/09W 51-9Killian Hill Christian1250000
12/12W 37-28Holy Spirit Prep0101250
01/06W 59-10Heritage Academy3560000
01/09L 46-57The Weber School16171250
01/13W 56-40Harvester Christian Academy020000
01/14W 55-43CSTHEA Patriots11100000
01/16L 29-45Macon Area Christian HomeSchool010000
01/19L 55-60Christian Heritage020000
01/21W 73-34New Creation Christian Academy458011100
01/24W 52-34Trinity Chapel Academy3475000
01/26W 46-42Cumberland Christian Academy1250020
01/30W 41-28Holy Spirit Prep0401250
02/03W 60-16Heritage Academy000000
02/06W 47-41Macon Area Christian HomeSchool01022100
02/07W 48-45Greater Gwinnett Christian020000
02/18W 49-37CSTHEA Patriots11100000
02/24L 46-60Greater Gwinnett Christian1250000

Rebounds, Assists, Steals and Turnovers

DateResultOpponentOff RebDef RebTot RebAsstStlsTO
11/05W 36-31Paulding Panthers022202
11/18W 93-12Trinity Christian101020
11/19W 45-36Horizon Christian Academy134221
11/19W 48-32Jubilee Christian Academy134332
12/09W 51-9Killian Hill Christian000132
12/12W 37-28Holy Spirit Prep134103
01/06W 59-10Heritage Academy224231
01/09L 46-57The Weber School112110
01/13W 56-40Harvester Christian Academy112002
01/14W 55-43CSTHEA Patriots033233
01/16L 29-45Macon Area Christian HomeSchool101022
01/19L 55-60Christian Heritage044204
01/21W 73-34New Creation Christian Academy224122
01/24W 52-34Trinity Chapel Academy011111
01/26W 46-42Cumberland Christian Academy134113
01/30W 41-28Holy Spirit Prep145314
02/03W 60-16Heritage Academy112001
02/06W 47-41Macon Area Christian HomeSchool066004
02/07W 48-45Greater Gwinnett Christian134212
02/18W 49-37CSTHEA Patriots000000
02/24L 46-60Greater Gwinnett Christian011114

Blocks, Deflections, Charges, and Fouls

DateResultOpponentBlk ShtsDeflChrPFTF
11/05W 36-31Paulding Panthers2
11/18W 93-12Trinity Christian00
11/19W 45-36Horizon Christian Academy03
11/19W 48-32Jubilee Christian Academy02
12/09W 51-9Killian Hill Christian00
12/12W 37-28Holy Spirit Prep2
01/06W 59-10Heritage Academy11
01/09L 46-57The Weber School1
01/13W 56-40Harvester Christian Academy01
01/14W 55-43CSTHEA Patriots11
01/16L 29-45Macon Area Christian HomeSchool00
01/19L 55-60Christian Heritage013
01/21W 73-34New Creation Christian Academy3
01/24W 52-34Trinity Chapel Academy21
01/26W 46-42Cumberland Christian Academy12
01/30W 41-28Holy Spirit Prep0
02/03W 60-16Heritage Academy01
02/06W 47-41Macon Area Christian HomeSchool11
02/07W 48-45Greater Gwinnett Christian02
02/18W 49-37CSTHEA Patriots03
02/24L 46-60Greater Gwinnett Christian12