6'5"230 lbsSenior
Graduated in 2012
11-12 Varsity Basketball
Nat. RankKY Rank
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  • Football recruiting - Top 25 Pro-Style Quarterbacks

    Zeke has been selected to the Football recruiting - Top 25 Pro-Style Quarterbacks. Congratulations Zeke!

    Tom Lemming; Has good field vision, rarely gets caught trying to force passes, goes through his progressions well, and is able to find open receivers. He stands tall in the pocket but when forced out, he becomes a dangerous runner. For proof just check out the Boone County game in which he threw for 4 TDs, ran for 2 others, and totaled 415 yds. A strong leader who takes command of the offense and certainly shows a big-league arm.

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  • Football recruiting - 2012 Top 100

    Zeke has been selected to the Football recruiting - 2012 Top 100. Congratulations Zeke!

    Tom Lemming: If you are looking for a big, strong and athletic signal caller, look no further than Mr. Pike. He has dominated the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky area over the past couple of years. He appears to have everything needed to become an impact QB in college. Has the size and arm strength to stand out in a pro-style offense but like Gunner Kiel, he shows the athletic ability to keep things going in the spread.

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