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  • File photo by Michael McLoone

    Some Athens Drive High athletes are playing in facilities that desperately need renovations, and the school's booster club is prepared to go to court to get that, if need be.

    Fix the facilities or face litigation.

    That is the message the booster club at Athens Drive (Raleigh, N.C.) delivered recently to the Wake County Public School System, according to several news reports.

    At issue is the condition of Peter Hines William Stadium, a multi-use facility that reportedly has not received upgrades since 1978 when it opened. Renovations are expected to total more than $7.4 million.

    Among the list of items the boosters are concerned with is wheelchair access for the home stands, bathrooms with access for the handicapped along with upgrades to the press box and concessions areas, among others. The school is the alma mater of Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton.

    "That's our last-ditch effort," booster club adviser Karin Evanoff told the Cary News regarding a lawsuit. "That's not what we want to do, but if it happens to be that if Athens is looked over again, and again and again, then that's our only option."

    School district representatives would not commit to any renovations, indicating that any upgrades are tied to a bond issue referendum that would not be considered until next spring. Even then, other projects could receive higher priority than any stadium fixes.

    Also needing repairs is the press box at Magnolia (New Martinsville, W. Va.). A major wind storm struck the area in late June, toppling the structure. The press box opened in 2010 and is expected to cost up to $100,000 to replace, according to a report in the Charleston Daily Mail.