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  • Organized high school spring football is growing across the country, but if the state's coaches have any say, don't expect it to come to Nebraska anytime soon.

    Despite the state's interest in all things football and the increased exposure it might provide for their athletes, reported many coaches oppose the idea for several reasons.

    Football coaches, some who help out with their school's spring sports teams, said they would prefer to have their players participating in other sports during that time. They also cited possible burnout and injury from increased, organized practice time.

    "I wouldn't want anything to do with it," Millard West (Omaha, Neb.) football coach Kirk Peterson told the website, and Peterson runs one of the state's most successful programs.

    Added Millard South (Omaha, Neb.) coach Andy Means: "We have so many kids doing track and playing baseball, and a few playing soccer, I just don't know how we'd do it. And what I'd hate is if it came to asking kids to choose."

    Some coaches indicated they would be in favor of a short practice window after spring sports conclude, which would take the place of expensive summer team camps.

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