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From MaxPreps Southern California Correspondent Martin Henderson

10:51 a.m. EST Giovanni DiPaolo (6-4, 261), a guard at Ventura St. Bonaventure and rated No. 8 on Tom Lemming’s list of guards/centers, will attend USC. Even though he had committed to the Trojans before the season, coach Pete Carroll’s departure threw the whole thing into flux and he openly wrestled with the option of attending UCLA instead.
Strong for his size and good at finishing his blocks, DiPaolo is another save under the Lane Kiffin administration: A Carroll recruit who didn’t leave. 
“Last night he was 60-40 both ways,” coach Todd Therrien told MaxPreps on Tuesday afternoon, describing the
back-and-forth stance that DiPaolo was taking. “Before the staff change, he liked Pete Carroll, he liked the offensive line coach, he liked the strength and conditioning coach, but all three of those guys are gone. Things have changed at USC and he doesn’t have all the answers. The last three weeks have been crazy.”
DiPaolo had to rate the new relationships he has with the new staff at USC, which had spread itself thin among dozens of recruits in establishing a comfort level. DiPaolo and Therrien met after school on Tuesday and made out a game plan “just like a football game” to define what it is that DiPaolo really wanted from his experience.

DiPaolo told MaxPreps that charting the pros and cons for both schools helped him. He said tempo, expectations and an offensive line coach that he liked were the decisive factors. “Thinking about how they run the system, I
picked where I was going, sat on it some more and it became clear I needed to go to USC,” DiPaolo said, adding that after Carroll left, there was a “clean slate. I gave them another chance and liked what I saw.”

Teammates who signed with DiPaolo were defensive back Troy Hill to Oregon, and linebacker Dylan Davis to New Mexico State.