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Westminster Academy (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.) offensive coordinator Jimmy Robertson was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use a play on Senior Night that his team had practiced since the summer.

It just so happened that on Friday night against Coral Springs Charter, that moment came on the game's first play from scrimmage.

After the team broke the huddle, four receivers lined up on the left side, one of which was the team's quarterback Ray Sharp.

Running back Spencer Saliba lined up in the shotgun and, after receiving the snap, threw a backwards pass that skipped off the ground to Sharp.

Sharp quickly picked up the ball and heaved it down the field to a wide open Andrew James, who had lined up at tight end on the right side.

"It had to be the perfect scenario," Robertson said.

The team needed to be on the left hash, near its own sideline, to prevent Coral Springs Charter from recognizing its quarterback in the bunch of receivers, Robertson said. The team also needed to be at a certain part of the field to allow the play to develop.

The goal of the play was to either freeze the defense into thinking it was an incomplete pass, or cause the defense to swarm the ball, believe there was a fumble.

Robertson said he even gave the officials a heads up before the game that Westminster Academy might try something a little different.

It worked, and the team executed a play it will likely never forget.

"It was senior night. I wanted them to go out with a play they remembered," Robertson said. "It was a play I've been hyping up since camp, and they thought we'd never run it. We decided to do it."

Check it out below.

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