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The Black Forest Fire that has taken at least two lives and destroyed at least 360 homes in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colo. didn't slow down prep baseball players on Tuesday.

In an ominous photo tweeted out by Peter McEvoy (@petermcevoy2) and published on, the fire is seen well beyond the outfield at Pine Creek (Colorado Springs) Tuesday morning during the team's 10-0 win over Greeley West. Pine Creek (16-5) then played and defeated Legend 2-0 in the afternoon.

Click on the photo for a more dramatic view.

According to, the flames had spread through wooded residential areas of Colorado Springs, home for the USOC Training Center, and covered approximately 15,000 acres by Thursday morning. The blaze was just picking up ground toward the city when the photo was taken.

Just a year ago, in the same region, the Waldo Canyon fire destroyed 346 homes and formed more than 35,000 to evacuate. It was the most destructive in the state's history. This, it appears, will surpass that.