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File photo by Chris Trim

Zack Johnson may want to consider taking up track after football season.

Zack Johnson lines up behind center for the Kimball (Tracy, Calif.) football team. When the season ends, perhaps he should consider lining up to do hurdles for the track team.

That's because Johnson appears to be a natural hurdler, as he leaped completely over a defender in Kimball's 28-20 victory over Lathrop.

On the play, the pocket began to collapse on Johnson, so he tucked the ball and made a move for the sideline.

When he was greeted by a would-be tackler, Johnson leaped with his left foot forward and cleared the Lathrop player. He landed almost perfectly and continued down the sideline into the end zone.

According to the video, the play was called back due to a penalty, but it does nothing to detract from Johnson's impressive feat of athleticism.

Johnson is not bad with his arm, either. So far this season, he's thrown for 1,065 yards and and 10 touchdowns.

A similarly impressive video, in which a player spun over the top of a defender, recently went viral. However, it was later discovered that the video was fake.

Johnson's play is 100 percent authentic.