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Seven offensive players looked like they were coming off the field for West Catholic (Grand Rapids, Mich.) in Michigan's Division 5 state title game Saturday at Ford Field.

Only six came off.

That left one player remaining: Bryce Witham.

Witham finished off one of the weekend's best trick plays, which according to a story from the Detroit Free Press the team calls "Lou Lou" to honor head coach Dan Rohn's mother, when he stayed on the field during the wholesale substitution and streaked unnoticed toward the end zone and caught a pass from kicker Travis Hoving for a 30-yard touchdown pass.

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"It's a play we practice; I went over it with the officials before the game," Rohn told reporters. "I explained we'd be running it if we got the opportunity. It's a play we believe in. ... My mom passed away 25 years ago. ... We nicknamed that play after her and the kids executed it perfectly."