Covering High School Sports in America
I have seen my share of great high school basketball players so far in my time covering high school sports for MaxPreps. I am talking about live in person. Some of the names to come to mind are Brandon Jennings, Nolan Smith, Jrue Holiday, Jeremy Tyler, Michael Gilchrist and James Hardin.

But nothing compares to the time I saw Kevin Love from Lake Oswego (Ore.) play. It was the Nike Extravaganza in 2007 at the house of Mater Dei, a traditional powerhouse in the high school space.

At that time, the buzz was about Taylor King from Mater Dei and how he was the next star. But on this night it was all K. Love.

He ended up scoring 36 points, had five blocks, and pulled down 16 rebounds. He was unstoppable. I clearly remember the entire gym, including Mater Dei fans, rising to their feet for a standing ovation when he was pulled from the game with less than a minute to go.

So far, it's the most dominating performance I have seen at the high school level. Check the video below to see what I mean.

Who is the best player you ever saw?

Image for MaxPreps Video.