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They were going to keep kicking until somebody won, even if it meant somebody's leg falling off.

In one of the more bizarre soccer stories from this season, the San Diego Union Tribune reports that Bishop's (La Jolla, Calif.) and Crawford (San Diego) needed two days to settle their CIF San Diego Section Division IV playoff battle.

The teams finished regulation and a 15-minute golden goal overtime in a 3-3 deadlock, then went to penalty kicks. What seemed like a way to settle the result ended up prolonging it. The teams managed to stay tied through 17 rounds and darkness set in Tuesday.

So Wednesday, they got back together and settled it with nine more rounds. Bishop's finally won after 52 total kicks.

A report from the Los Angeles Times stated that the coaches had agreed to just start the entire game over on Wednesday, but it appears that PKs ended up being the course of action.

“Never in more than 30 years of coaching have I seen anything like this,” Bishop's coach Malcom Tovey to the U-T.

And we can't think of a longer game this season. Obviously regular-season games have no reason to go this long.

So two questions on this one, and leave your responses below. First, should playoff soccer games be decided on penalty kicks at all? And second, have you ever heard of a game going that long?