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Photo via LeBron James' Instagram

LeBron James gave users an inside look before he surprised his former school.

Athletes at St. Vincent-St. Mary (Akron, Ohio) are being outfitted in splendor by a famous alumnus.

NBA great LeBron James of the champion Miami Heat unveiled fancy new football uniforms Saturday during the second annual "I Promise Family Reunion" at the school. His foundation's signature program, which includes 700 youngsters, also gives out a new bike, helmet, school uniform and backpack tags to members who have completed a two-week camp which stresses education during summer vacation.

In the evening he showed off a redesigned version of the uniform he wore when he played football for the Fighting Irish, who just happen to be defending state champions. Aided by his sponsor, Nike, James also is presenting new uniforms to all of the school's other fall athletic teams.

Additionally, James has donated $1 million to renovate the school's gymnasium where he rose to national prominence and led his team to the national championship as a senior. The school presented him with a plaque which included a piece of the old gym floor.

The 28-year-old superstar told the Akron Beacon Journal, "I don't really put a title on it. I do it because I have a passion. I do it because I want to do it. It's not because someone came to me and said, 'You should do this because you owe it to them.' It's something that was instilled in me to give back.This is my city, there's 190,000 of us. For me to be one of the few to make it, it wasn't hard at all."

A week ago, James made national news — when does he not? — for running a full-page ad in the Beacon Journal, thanking the citizen of his hometown in an open letter.

"For all my life, I have lived in Akron — and for that, I am a truly lucky man," he wrote.