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At this time next season, Anders Broman could be the leading scorer in the history of Minnesota high school boys basketball. Given his current pace, the standout from Lakeview Christian Academy (Duluth, Minn.) also could push himself into the Top 10 all-time nationally.

With a 50-point outing this past weekend, Broman became the second all-time leading scorer in Minnesota with 3,462 points. He now trails only Kevin Noreen, who amassed 4,086 points for Minnesota Transitions (Minneapolis). The 6-foot-10 Noreen currently is playing at West Virginia.

Broman, a junior, still has a season to go, making it likely he will shatter the Minnesota mark next year. He is averaging nearly 45 points a game (and has totaled 941) this season for the Lions and still has four regular-season games on the schedule, plus the playoffs.

With that kind of production, the 6-foot-1 guard could take aim at a spot in the Top 10 nationally for his career. The National Federation of State High School Associations recognizes totals achieved during grades 9-12 only.

For Broman, 503 of his points were scored for the varsity before his freshman year, meaning he has 2,959 for NFHS purposes. That total puts him just outside the top 65 listed in the record book, but certainly puts him within reach of the Top 10.

The break into that hierarchy, Broman would need to finish with more than 4,070 points. The all-time national mark belongs to Greg Procell from Ebarb (Noble, La.). Procell accumulated an amazing 6,702 points for the Rebels from 1967-70.