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Nothing changes momentum like a red zone interception. A team looks like it is about to score and then — boom — the other team is racing with the ball towards the opposite end zone.

That's what happened to Garden City (Kan.) last week in its 24-20 loss to Dodge City (Kan.). Dodge City's Immanuel Galloway intercepted the ball while Garden City attempted to score from 17 yards out.

This interception, however, wasn't thrown by the quarterback. In fact, the ball wasn't thrown at all.

The Garden City center snapped the ball straight up into the air, with enough hang time for Galloway to intercept it and return it 80 yards for a touchdown.

It's hard to say what happened. The announcers suggest that the ball ricocheted off the center's rear end. Another possible explanation is that the center may have thought that the quarterback was directly behind him, rather than in the shotgun formation, resulting in the erroneous snap.

No matter what the reason, the two Kansas teams provided one of the most unique football plays we will ever see.