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Courtesy of The Retrospect

Joe Flacco (24), Audubon

Joe Flacco was a highly regarded quarterback at Audubon (N.J.).

In fact, for his senior season, head coach Ralph Schiavo changed the team's offense to cater to Flacco's titanic arm. He went on to set several South Jersey passing marks that year.

However, Flacco's 6-foot-5 frame lent itself well to another sport: basketball.

Flacco suited up for Audubon's basketball team and also played baseball at the small South Jersey school.

Having graduated the same year as LeBron James and, more locally, Luol Deng, it's no surprise Flacco's hoops career is not what people recall about his high school days.

The photo of Flacco pulling down a rebound during his senior year is courtesy of The Retrospect.