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Mar. 11th

The Yates issue

File photo by Jim Redman

Greg Wise, Yates's No. 1-ranked team nationally, the Yates Lions of Houston, Texas, have been a hot-button topic this season.

The talent, hustle and desire that head coach Greg Wise's team brings to the floor is unquestionable. But ridiculously-lopsided scores (170-35!) have brought sportsmanship, or lack thereof depending on your view, into the conversation.

From the beginning, Wise has made no apologies, only adding to critics' furor. The Lions are attempting to win a national championship and have vowed not to let the foot off the gas at any point in the season.

I've attempted to put that into words, but probably haven't done so quite as well as Lorne Chan of the San Antonio Express-News did today. Click here for a great read on both sides of the issue.

Yates plays The Colony tonight in the Class 4A semifinals. The winner meets Lake Travis or Lancaster in the state championship game Saturday.