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The Lone Peak boys basketball team poses with Governor Gary R. Herbert.

One of the perks of finishing as a state champ ranked No. 1 in the nation: The governor wants you to come shoot hoops with him in the rotunda of the state capitol.

Governor Gary R. Herbert's office tweeted a pic of the governor taking pictures with the Lone Peak (Highland, Utah) boys basketball team Friday as he declared it "Lone Peak High School Men’s Basketball Day."

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Workers set up a court in the rotunda.

According to the Utah Capitol Visitor Services blog, the governor had a portable basketball floor set up in the capitol rotunda and shot some hoops with the Lone Peak players, who wrapped up the Utah 5A title after an amazing 26-1 season that appears to be headed toward an Xcellent 25 mythical national title.

The boys also got to visit the Senate chambers.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is also paying tribute to the team, as many members will be going on Mormon missions soon. The church recently lowered the minimum age for mission service, and that means some players will go much sooner than they had planned.

Senior guard Nick Emery said "When I heard that announcement it was kind of a relief because I really wanted to go straight out on my mission, but that really wasn't an option at the time," he said in the video. "It was one of the greatest feelings."

According to the Deseret News, "Soon after graduation, Emery will serve as a missionary in the Germany Frankfurt Mission. Other seniors including Talon Shumway, Braden Miles and Connor Toolson were mentioned as those who will be serving before any college."