Covering High School Sports in America
Ever dreamed of catching the big one while representing your high school? Well, that could become a reality in South Carolina, where teams are forming to comprise a sanctioned high school fishing league.

As reported by, Dorman (Roebuck, S.C.) became the 13th school in the state to organize a high school fishing team. That leaves the movement three teams short before fishing could be considered for official sanctioning by the South Carolina High School League. The governing body requires 16 schools to offer an activity before it receives review as a competitive sport.

"It's just a great opportunity because there are limitations on kids as far as football, basketball, baseball or whatnot," fishing team sponsor Joel Taylor told the website. "In those sports you have to have a strong arm or be a certain height, weight and those types of factors to be successful, where in fishing you really reach across all the demographics. There are a lot of different options for kids in fishing that come with no limitations or restrictions."

Taylor said that more than 60 students attended an introductory meeting and that 17 already have paid dues to be a part of the team.