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LeBron James performing his chalk-throwing pregame ritual.

At the high school level, you usually can't go wrong emulating the pros. Unfortunately, the fans at Woodcreek (Roseville, Calif.) showed us why it's not always a good idea.

Before the school's home basketball game against Roseville (Calif.) on Feb. 1, the Woodcreek fans decided to show some extra support by imitating LeBron James' famous pregame tradition of throwing chalk into the air at the scorer's table.

As pregame introductions concluded and tipoff neared, the "Black Mob" of the Woodcreek student section launched baby powder into the air and cheered.

What seemed like a harmless gesture quickly turned disastrous, as the large amount of baby powder caused some serious problems. So much of the slippery powder got onto the court that, after delaying the game several times in an attempt to clean it up, the officials deemed the court unsafe and postponed the game at halftime.

The game ended up being relocated to Roseville's home court, where Woodcreek took an 87-71 loss.

Take a look at the video below. It's safe to say that the "Black Mob" will have to find a new way to pump up the team before the next game.