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Anna Olson didn't have enough arm to get the basketball from one end of the court to the other - and that's what caused one of the year's wackiest full-court shots.

File photo by Matt Daniels

Anna Olsen, Lewis-Palmer

The Lewis-Palmer (Monument, Colo.) junior took a short pass from her teammate Friday after a defensive rebound and gave it a heave in the final seconds of the third quarter at Cheyenne Mountain (Colorado Springs, Colo.).

Normally a shot that falls 6 feet short of the rim would be thought of as a bad shot. But not for Olson.

The ball bounced up, perfectly grazing the front of the rim before hitting the backboard and taking a quick roll on the iron before dropping in. As you can imagine, the crowd went wild.

According to USA Today, the shot counted for two points - and will undoubtedly account for many more stunned viewers wondering if what they saw really happened.