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Photo by Amanda Schwarzer

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf flips a coin before her alma mater Great Oak (Temecula, Calif.) posted a wild 43-40 win over Heritage in a nonleague game on Friday night.

What a sight to behold at Great Oak (Temecula, Calif) tonight where the home team pulled out a wild, back-and-forth 43-40 win over Heritage (Romoland).

The game wasn't too shabby either.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf returned to her alma mater to not only celebrate her recent victory but to make the official coin toss to start the game.

Judging from the official's eyes in the above photo, it was one mesmerizing flip. And he was watching the coin.

As far as the game, with the score tied at 33, Laquan Williams completed a 10-yard pass to Brandon Presley to put the home team up for good. A 23-yard-field goal by Keita Calhoun sealed it.

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Wolf, 19, was crowned Miss Teen USA last month in the Bahamas.