Covering High School Sports in America
A JV football game in Oregon last month played host to one of the most touching moments of the high school football season.

Misti Chastain, who had been stationed in Iraq, surprised her son Michael Seyl, a receiver/defensive back at Crook County (Prineville, Ore.) on Oct. 15 before its game against Ridgeview (Redmond, Ore.).

According to the Central Oregonian, Chastain had been deployed in Afghanistan for 14 months, and her son was unaware that she had returned to Prineville.

Chastain coordinated her arrival with coaches the night before the game. When Seyl saw her walk out for the opening coin toss, he gave her a giant hug.

"It was amazing," Chastain later told the Central Oregonian. "I hadn't seen my son in 14 months and I was afraid that I wasn't going to be able to see any of his games this year."

Seyl cherished the moment as well, but then told his mother, "Sorry mom, I've got to go, we have a game to play."

Chastain also surprised her younger sun, Dustin, a cross country runner for Crook County.

For Michael Seyl, the opportunity to be reunited with his mom was special, but he still worries about another family member overseas.

"I'm glad that mom got back safe," Michael told the Central Oregonian. "It was really hard while she was gone. I think it's really great that she got here. But we are a military family. Dad is deployed now too, and will be over there for about another year. It's pretty hard on a family. We just hope that dad will get home safe too."