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An unfortunate incident marred the aftermath of an OIA JV championship game in which Waianae defeated Campbell, as a rock that was thrown through a window of Waianae's team bus injured two players on Saturday night.

According to Hawaii News Now, the team bus was heading back to the school's campus when a rock sailed through a window, sending glass flying toward several players.

"We were just telling the kids put their heads down, put their helmets on, windows up. And then when we got right in front of Ilima one of the coaches yelled, 'Get down! Get down!' And then all we heard was a rock in the back of the bus," Fai Lave, head coach of the Waianae High School JV football told KHON.

The police escort for the bus then called an ambulance and paramedics took two of the team's players to the hospital.

KHON News reports that the rock was the size of a golf ball, with one player sustaining an injury to his wrist and the other, his neck.

The damage to the bus can be seen in the video below.