Covering High School Sports in America
The Harlem Shake is alive and well but it has apparently ended the hockey season of Nyack/Tappan Zee (Upper Nyack, N.Y.)

Like hundreds of high school teams throughout the country — see our favorite high school sports team Harlem Shake videos — the Indians did their rendition of the popular video, but theirs was a little too risqué.

So much so the 11-7-1 squad forfeited their Section 1 playoff spot, according to the Journal News. Nyack/Tappen Zee administrators and coaches have yet to comment on why, but several players tweeted out that the inappropriate video – "borderline inappropriate," tweeted out Corey Aronson — was the reason the team had to step down.

What made it inappropriate? Difficult to say since it was taken off line, but several of the players were scantily dressed, including one who reportedly was wearing a single sock. And it wasn't on either foot.

Here is a sweeter version of the Harlem Shake presented by a youth hockey team:

Here is a truly offensive hockey video involving a sock that was discovered by MaxPreps Media Manager Jim Stout, a former NHL beat writer. This one features Hall of Fame performer Phil Esposito performing his era's Harlem Shake: "The Hockey Sock Rock." Beware, this is not for the weak of stomach. We're a little surprised Esposito did not face disciplinary action for this.