Covering High School Sports in America
Photo by John Rowland

An Illinois lawmaker is attempting to limit tackling during high school football practice.

Citing statistics and injuries, an Illinois lawmaker is seeking to limit tackling in high school football to one practice per week, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Carol Sente, a Democrat from Lincolnshire, believes limiting tackling could help reduce the liabilities involved in football, a sport which has experienced increased scrutiny recently.

"When you hear the statistics and see the injuries and talk to administrators, you realize there might be a point where football might have to change drastically because the schools will have trouble getting liability insurance," she told the Tribune.

Predictably, high school football coaches seem to be reacting with skepticism. One coach told the Tribune he believes that reducing tackling in practice will make the game more dangerous, citing players' potential failure to learn and perfect proper technique.

The news comes just one week after a Texas lawmaker proposed a nearly-identical bill intended to limit tackle practices.

Coaches from the Lone Star State responded similarly to Illinois coaches.

"It's not a full-bore, get-after-it situation other than at the point of attack. I think most coaches are pretty smart about that stuff during the season," Abilene head coach Steve Warren said.

What technically defines a tackle, or what exactly practices would look like with no tackling allowed, is not clear.

What is apparent, however, is that lawmakers will face an uphill battle against coaches who believe they are already working to protect the health and best interests of their players.