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Following the death of Brocton junior Damon Janes that was a result of a helmet-to-helmet collision, the Westfield/Brocton (Westfield, N.Y.) team has decided to cancel the rest of its season, according to The Buffalo News.

The announcement was made in a statement that was posted on the Westfield Board of Education website.

The statement referenced players' desires to remember their fallen teammate.

"The pending motion was shared with players from both teams at a team meeting on Monday," the statement reads. "During the meeting, players shared creative and positive ways to honor Damon Janes through our athletic programs and school communities for the remainder of the year and into the future."

"This will be a student-driven effort and allow Damon's friends and teammates to continue the grieving process off of the playing field."

The team had four games remaining on its schedule. As the Buffalo News reports, the Section 6 playoff structure has been revised to accommodate Westfield/Brocton's decision.

The outpouring support for Janes has spanned the entire country. The above tribute video, one of several posted on Youtube, has been viewed over 47,000 times.