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El Camino Real (Woodland Hills, Calif.) junior varsity quarterback Jahlil Pinkett lines up behind center, bends down to receive the snap, and — requests a new football from the sideline?

The Cleveland defense didn't understand it either, as El Camino Real pulled off the trick play of the season.

The play was a brainchild was El Camino Real coaches Ali Mirbaha, Brandon Holmes and Peter Mathews.

Pinkett, who is the nephew of Jada Pinkett Smith, walked toward the sideline holding the ball out. The coaches on the sideline feigned concern that he had an improper football and needed to replace it with an official pigskin.

As soon as Pinkett got close to the sideline, he tucked the ball and sprinted down the sideline for a completely legal, albeit deceptive touchdown.

The reaction on the video says it all.

"I can't believe that worked."

Video courtesy of Billy Ramirez