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We've seen a lot of half-court shots go in over the years, but we've never seen anything like the shot made by Zak Wegfahrt.

In a junior varsity game on Feb. 8, the Nazareth (Pa.) starting point guard heaved up a prayer from just beyond half-court at the end of the first quarter of the Blue Eagles' game at Allentown Central Catholic (Pa.).

The shot bounced off the top of the backboard but, as the players and fans watched the ball suspended in the air, a funny thing happened.

The prayer was answered and the ball dropped straight through the net.

The miraculous buzzer beater put Wegfahrt's team ahead of host Central Catholic, but Nazareth ended up falling 56-53.

Wegfahrt's father, Eric, was out of town for the game — one of only two games he missed all season — but he received plenty of text messages from other fathers on the team when Zak's shot went through.

Luckily Bill Facciponti had his camera rolling to preserve the shot for eternity.

"Thank God someone caught it on video," said Eric Wegfahrt. "I asked Zak about the shot and he laughed and shook his head and said 'it was God, because I couldn't make that like that again. I just got clear and heaved it up.'"

Special thinks to Eric Wegfahrt and Bill Facciponti for the video.

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