Covering High School Sports in America
Matt Forte is a fan favorite among Chicago Bears die-hards, but his most loyal fans may now hail from Tilden (Chicago, Ill.)

Forte, who played his high school football in Louisiana, has taken the 16-man football team under his wing over the last few months, visiting the school and later, taking the football team to lunch at a downtown Chicago restaurant.

At the lunch, Forte surprised the team with new laptops.

"Being from a privileged high school (Slidell), we had computers and were able to use them. It's only right that, if these kids don't have that type of medium to use and stuff, that I give it back so they can use it," he told Fox.

Forte said that it was important for him to continue his support of Tilden throughout the season.

"It will be good to see their faces again and let them know I'm not going to just come around one time and leave."

Tilden finished the season with a 1-9 record while Forte and the Bears travel to play the 49ers on Monday Night.