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Photo courtesy of Goldstein family

Seth Goldstein, Cooper Yeshiva

Though it took place several weeks ago, this story from today's Memphis Commercial Appeal certainly deserves repeating.

Seth Goldstein, a senior at Cooper Yeshiva - a small Orthodox Jewish school in East Memphis, Tenn. - was feeling pretty good as he started the second half of a cross country race. Suddenly, a Germantown (Tenn.) runner in a pack just ahead of him collapsed and fell to the ground.

Other runners passed him up, but Goldstein stopped.

He told writer Geoff Calkins, "His lips were turning blue and his eyes were rolled back in his head. I was terrified. But then I thought to myself, freaking out isn't going to help any here."

Goldstein, who runs cross country just to get in shape for basketball, used his training as a lifeguard to spring into action and save the teenage runner, who already had blood bubbling out of his mouth. He first yelled for someone to dial 911 and get some ice.

He recalled at that point, "He had bitten his tongue and was bleeding pretty bad. I feared he was going to choke on his blood. I rolled him on his side so he wouldn't asphyxiate."

The victim began shaking and having seizures.

Though it wasn't true, the savvy 17-year-old told onlookers that the shaking was normal, that he had seen it before. He was just attempting, he admitted later, to calm the onlookers.

Before long, an ambulance arrived and the EMTs took over. (He recovered well and it was determined that he was victimized by the intense heat of the day.)

With his heroic job finished, Goldstein surprised everyone by asking, "Can I finish the race?"

And finish it he did - with much appreciative clapping and even accompanied by some of his teammates, who, of course, had been done for a long time.