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Chicago native Derrick Rose wants to see the city's students back in the classroom.

An estimated 11,000 high school athletes have been idled this week by the first Chicago teachers strike in 25 years.

According to the Chicago Tribune, no Chicago Public League football games will be allowed and practices will only be cleared if certain qualifications are met. This would include having certified coaches present and all students who participate having medical clearance and parent support.

Illinois High School Association executive director Marty Hickman — noting that a request for a waiver to play the games was rejected — explained the decision in a written statement.

"It was the conclusion of the Board that granting such a request extended beyond its authority," he said. "The IHSA's bylaws are developed by and voted into practice by its member school principals and, after some meaningful discussion, the Board ultimately felt respecting the guidelines put in place by our member schools was the only option available in this situation, and any change to the bylaws would need to be facilitated through the IHSA legislative process."

Both sides continue to meet today while the players on some teams, such as Whitney Young, have taken it upon themselves to continue practicing.

Meanwhile, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, who attended Simeon (Chicago, Ill.), has spoken out on Twitter.

On Monday he said, "We need our kids in school." On Tuesday, he added the following tweets:

Rose continued his passionate plea with: