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The public - at least a small portion of it - has spoken: Indiana fans want their one-class basketball tournament back.

Photo by Warren Robison

Cardinal Ritter vs. Scecina Memorial

Following 11 town meetings throughout the state, 68.1 percent of the 514 votes asked that the IHSAA scrap the current four-class system and return to a format which once was the envy of many other states over the years.

Commissioner Bobby Cox told the Indianapolis Star, "It's one piece of data. We've got to put all those together and aggregate the entire piece to make some accurate assessments of the tenor and the attitudes of people. We want to create a lot of different angles by which to look at this."

Cox explained that the state also is surveying principals, athletic directors, basketball coaches and varsity players. The total results will be released at the end of June.

The latest state tournament had the lowest attendance since the one-class system was replaced in 1998.