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West Yellowstone fans prepare for an hour-long snowmobile ride to Gardiner.

What do you do when you're a small Montana high school and have an away game over two hours away?

If you're West Yellowstone (Yellowstone, Mont.), you hop on snowmobiles and cut through perhaps the world's most famous national park.

According to West Yellowstone head basketball coach Josh Demlow, approximately 50-70 fans boarded snowmobiles for the team's away game against Gardiner (Mont.).

The players and coaches had to travel by bus up route 191 and across Interstate-90 through Bozeman, the fourth largest city in Montana.

The group of fans went directly to Gardiner, cutting through Yellowstone National Park. It took the buses about two hours to arrive. The snowmobiles? One hour.

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West Yellowstone fans decided that going directly from Point A to Point B was much faster - and more exciting.

Not only was the snowmobile trip faster, but it was almost certainly more entertaining, or frightening, depending on one's perspective. According to Demlow, the group of snowmobilers spotted a wolf on the journey.

The school hopes to make a similar trip next year.

"I think we are trying to make it a tradition when we play them," Demlow told MaxPreps.

Gardiner won the game 78-25, making it a cold ride home for West Yellowstone.