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At a time when pitch counts, situational specialists and middle relievers are ubiquitous at the major league level, Tyler Lockhart is a throwback to an earlier era of baseball when pitch counts often exceeded IQ levels.

In a game last week week against Zachary, Lockhart notched a complete game in 12 innings, throwing 181 pitches in Walker's (La.) 2-1 victory.

According to the Times-Picayune, Lockhart hit the 100-pitch mark by the seventh inning.

"After seven, Coach said I was only going to pitch to 115 pitches. I ended up going (181). It was tough. It's just my back. My arm was fine. I could have went even more, but it was just my back," Lockhart said.

Walker head coach Randy Sandifer struggled with the decision to leave Lockhart in that long, at one point contacting Lockhart's father to get permission to allow Lockhart to continue to pitch.

According to a teammate, Walker did not allow a single hit from the fifth inning on and finished with 16 strikeouts.Eventually, Walker managed to scrape across a run in the 12th inning, giving Lockhart an extremely hard-earned victory.

The 5-foot-11, 185-pound senior is on his way to Southeastern Louisiana next fall, where he'll put his arm strength and durability to use at quarterback.