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Inclement weather in south-central Illinois last weekend turned a basketball tournament into an impromptu sleepover for one team.

As reported by the State Journal-Register, the visiting East Alton-Wood River (Wood River, Ill.) boys basketball team slept on folding cots in the Litchfield (Ill.) gymnasium after tournament games were canceled at the host school when a quick-moving snowstorm hit Jan. 20.

"In my 30 years doing this, I can't remember having something like this dumped on us so close to starting time of a game," Litchfield boys athletic director Ed Roundcount told the newspaper.

While Roundcount contacted most of the schools in the tournament that had to travel before or shortly after they left their respective campuses, the Oilers already were en route to Litchfield.

Wood River anticipated playing its scheduled game against Hillsboro (Ill.), which also was close to arriving, but the Oilers were further detained.

They spent about 90 minutes on the Litchfield on-ramp because a stalled tractor-trailer blocked the road, and by the time they reached the school, the game had been postponed. Hotels in the area were booked because of the storm, and with the condition of the roads, Wood River hunkered down at the school.

The Oilers were rescheduled to play Hillsboro the following afternoon, but they went home instead.

"It had been a long night for them; they didn't get much sleep," Roundcount added. "I don't blame them for wanting to go home."