Covering High School Sports in America
Kevin Curwick, a senior football player at Osseo (Minn.), is so popular that he was elected captain even though he is not a starter. He admits to being a compassionate person and when at least five of his friends were unjustly criticized this summer on Twitter, he decided it was time to offset those personal attacks by starting the tag @OsseoNiceThings.

Photo by Mark Curwick

Kevin Curwick

He told MaxPreps that he created the account in July (adding to his personal one), "for the need to respond to negativity in social networks toward my friends. It's bad when you give them (the critical persons) the power to be anonymous. Around 40 people have been attacked from my school."

It unexpectedly grew - like a tidal wave - into a mainstream hit after stars such as Selena Gomez and Brooklyn Decker jumped on board. In fact, people from all walks of life have tweeted in favor of being positive.

"It's kind of cool," the soft-spoken Curwick conceded. "I was most surprised to see all these new pages pop up across the country. Accounts have been made in England. I've heard everything from Croatia, to Turkey, to Ireland to Australia. My goal was that this would be a little Osseo (population 2,463) thing."

It continues to grow and is becoming a world-wide phenomena.

Osseo football coach Derrin Lamker has worked with Curwick for four years.

"I had no idea," he said of the Twitter explosion. "If anybody says they did, they'd be lying. It doesn't surprise me that he did it. He's not Mr. Outgoing. It got to the point that he got so fed up and felt so bad for his friends."

Curwick is special on and off the football field, even though he is just 5-foot-8 and 150 pounds. He is a senior who is a reserve running back and wide receiver.

"He's a back-up at five different positions, because he's a 4.0 (actually 3.9) student, knows all positions and knows where to go," Lamker said. "On the scout team he plays quarterback, running back and wide receiver and sometimes he plays the other team's star.

"What's so cool is that the kids wanted him for captain, because he's a great leader. Very seldom is a great leader not a great player. He'd be the first one I'd hire if I was starting a company and the first I'd hire to baby-sit my kids."