Covering High School Sports in America
Photo by Louis Lopez

A study will look at the long-term effects of high school football.

With concussions and brain injuries such prominent topics in football, the University of Georgia is launching its own study taking a slightly different approach: it will look at players who never played past the high school level.

According to, the study will look at people aged 40-65 who played football in high school, but not in college or professionally.

Numerous studies have been done at the professional level, but not many have been published exclusively looking at high school football.

"It's important to do this research so we can learn if these late-life issues are associated with all levels or football or if they're unique to pro ball," said Doug Terry, a graduate student in the clinical psychology program.

The study, which will consist of various cognitive tests, balance tests, and an MRI scan, will hopefully find an answer to the question of whether the cumulative effect of head contact from an early age leads to negative effects down the road.