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Last Friday night, St. Louis University (St. Louis, Mo.) hosted rival Christian Brothers for its Coaches for Cancer game, known among the students as the "Paint it Pink" game.

At halftime, Max Bredenkoetter was given a chance to win $100 by making a half-court shot with his left hand.

Bredenkoetter, who has no right arm below his elbow, bounced the ball four times and heaved it toward the hoop.

The shot rattled home and the crowd erupted as Bredenkoetter celebrated with SLUH athletic director Dick Wehner, who was donning a pink suit for the occasion.

The most impressive part of the feat came after the cameras stopped rolling: Bredenkoetter immediately took his winnings and offered them as a donation to fund cancer research.

SLUH may have lost the game 65-60, but Bredenkoetter's heroics will not soon be forgotten.

Video provided to MaxPreps by Tom Hillmeyer, III