Covering High School Sports in America
Unfortunately, it seems that examples of poor sportsmanship are becoming more common. That's why when something like this comes across our desk we can't help but take a few paragraphs to highlight it.

By all accounts, Kamehameha Hawai'i (Kea'au, Hawaii) guard Lanaki Apele was one of the top players in his state, a talented performer at both ends of the court who earned the respect of his teammates and opponents.

The senior captain for the Warriors had hoped to lead his team to the state championship, but instead injured his elbow in the first half of the state semifinals.

Not wanting to see Apele's career end in such fashion, coaches for Kamehameha-Hawaii and Baldwin (Wailuku, Hawaii) met before the teams' third-place game the next day. As reported by the Star-Advertiser, Warriors coaches asked their Baldwin counterparts to allow Apele to score the game's first basket.

Baldwin coach Wayne Gushiken agreed, and Apele took the pass after the opening tip, while wearing a heavy bandage around his elbow, and dropped in an uncontested layup for his final points in a Warriors uniform.

Kamehameha-Hawaii allowed a Baldwin basket at the other end of the court, and after that Apele was removed from the game.

Well done by all involved to provide a final moment that Apele will never forget.