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Doug Bilodeau really wants new helmets for his North Marion (Aurora, Ore.) football program. So much so that he has held a sign saying "Will work for helmets" and has taken his campaign to local social media.

Facebook photo

Doug Bilodeau

According to The Oregonian and KATU Channel 2, the program is well short of the number of usable helmets it needs, and the budget has no room for new equipment. So Bilodeau got creative.

“I was sitting around with my family, and I was joking that I’m going to sit on a highway with a sign that says 'Will Work For Helmets,’” Bilodeau told The Oregonian.

Then his daughter made the sign, so Bilodeau went to the street with Sally (his dog) and had someone take a picture of him. Then he posted it to Facebook.

Now the work orders are coming in from community members, and his players are raking leaves and moving bark to help raise the money to buy new helmets.

“I’m not looking for a handout. People are willing to give if you’re willing to work," he told KATU.

His original Facebook photo post included this description: "Just when you think you have seen it all! Lost 15 helmets due to reconditioning, wanted to add 15 but that puts me in a hole. The good news is that I have raised funds for five helmets so far. The GOAL is 25 more @ $250 a helmet. I've got my work cut out, not afraid. No job is too tough, Thanks and God Bless."