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In a state the size of Delaware it's not unusual to have a handful of football players heading to Div. I schools. And Delaware's 2011 class is no different. What is unique about this year's group of players who made verbal commitments to major college programs is that almost every single one of them chose a school that has now undergone a head coaching change since that original non-binding agreement.

While a newly hired coach is not required to uphold the original verbal scholarship offers made by his predecessor, most do. But that doesn't guarantee the new coach plans to utilize a recruit like he was originally promised, and that's why it's important for the recruit to be sure he's still going to get an opportunity to play before signing on the dotted line in February.

With the instability of college coaching positions, most recruits say they pick a school because of the overall program, not its head coach. The Delaware recruits are no different.

"When I picked a school I picked a program not a coach, and Florida is a great program," Dover lineman Trip Thurman, who still plans to sign a letter of intent to play at the University of Florida despite Urban Meyer's resignation several weeks ago, said in a text message. "It's a place where I can get a great education and play great football."

In addition to Thurman, St. Mark's lineman Jake Quinn (Temple), Salesianum lineman Evan Mulrooney (Maryland), Charter School of Wilmington running back Brandon Ross (Maryland), and Dover quarterback Kamal Abrams (Connecticut, projected to play wide receiver) reportedly all plan to sign letters of intent as planned.

William Penn tight end Kyle Carter (Penn State) is the lone Div. I recruit from the First State whose future school has not made a coaching change. At least not yet. But regardless of 84-year-old Joe Paterno's retirement status in Happy Valley this coming season or in the near future, Carter stated in a text message that his decision has been made, saying: "Even though he (Paterno) is a legend I have built a great relationship with multiple coaches and players. The comfort factor of Penn State is more important to me than the coach."