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Photo by James Conrad

Gavin Wood

Have you ever played a regular four eight-minute quarter basketball game? That is exhausting enough. Try playing five extra four-minute overtime periods.
That's what happened on Tuesday night in Arizona as the Florence Gophers escaped a wild 65-64 victory over the Northwest Christian (Phoenix) Crusaders.

According to, the two teams combined to play 52 minutes of basketball.

The Gophers would advance to the next round of the Division II playoffs when Gavin Wood tipped in a missed basket with just seconds left in the final overtime period for the winning margin. He had 19 points and teammate Jeremy Verhagen, a 6-foot-9 junior post, added 25. Hayden Anderson scored a game-high 26 - 24 after intermission - for Northwest Christian.

This is one of those games where you hate to see someone lose.