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The big prize from the Battle for the Belt tournament.

Most players relish the chance to take home a trophy, plaque or ring as a symbol of a hard-earned championship.

The sport of football has some impressive-looking trophies, but none come close to the award given to the weight class winners at California's Battle for the Belt wrestling tournament in Temecula Valley.

Ray Waters, a senior from Spring Valley (Las Vegas), took home this amazing title belt that would make a WWE superstar blush. Thirteen other champs also got belts.

The 5-foot-11 Waters earned Review-Journal Wrestler of the Year honors and has multiple scholarship offers to continue wrestling at the collegiate level.

It was his performance in the Battle for the Belt that elevated Waters' reputation in the wrestling world, according to his coach, Fred Meyer.

"Ray would wrestle those kind of kids, and he raised his level. He was beating them decisively," he told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. "After that tournament, that's when we started getting the calls from the college recruiters, and quite a bit of them."

While winning the Battle of the Belt in the 160-pound weight class is certainly impressive, the fact that Waters did not have to face the likes of Rey Mysterio somewhat diminishes his accomplishment.

No word on whether he'll be defending his belt on the next Pay Per View event.