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Football is about preparation. You study film, take countless reps in practice, and visualize the game in order to be ready for any situation that may arise.

But no matter how much work he put in during the week, nothing could have prepared Ravenna (Ohio) quarterback Tate Bennett for what happened Friday night against Field (Mogadore, Ohio).

With his team trailing 14-9 with 48 seconds left to play, Bennett lined up for a fourth-and-4 play from the Field 7-yard line. After the snap Bennett immediately started to his left on a bootleg, but soon ran into trouble and eventually found himself being pulled to the ground by a defender.

Rather than take the sack, Bennett took a chance.

As he was pulled towards the turf, he flung the ball backwards over his head towards the end zone — and directly into the hands of teammate Warren Bradley for the touchdown.

"I just threw the ball into the end zone — I had no idea where it was going to go," Bennett told the Record-Courier. "I just really was hoping that someone would make a play."

Ravenna won the game, 15-14, and Bennett became an instant hero.

Take a look at the play from two different angles below.