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3/3 @ 11a1234567RHE
Half Moon Bay0001000151

Game Stats

Half Moon Bay


#Athlete NameAvgPAABRHRBI
Team Totals.2003025151
1Sam Wilkins.00033000
4Mateo Pacheco.00033000
5Spencer Waddell.00042000
9Ryan Grennan.00031000
16K. Birmingham.25044010
22Dan Sullivan.66733021
25Zachary Meyers.00032100
30Barney Evans.50044020
32Derek France.00033000
Half Moon Bay

#Athlete Name2B3BHRSFSH/BBB
Team Totals000014
5Spencer Waddell000002
9Ryan Grennan000011
25Zachary Meyers000001
Half Moon Bay

Team Totals800.310.200
1Sam Wilkins100.000.000
4Mateo Pacheco100.000.000
5Spencer Waddell100.500.000
9Ryan Grennan000.500.000
16K. Birmingham200.250.250
22Dan Sullivan000.667.667
25Zachary Meyers100.333.000
30Barney Evans000.500.500
32Derek France200.000.000
Half Moon Bay


#Athlete NameSBSBA
Team Totals11
5Spencer Waddell11
Half Moon Bay


Team Totals4.6711
9Ryan Grennan3.50
12Charles Custer7.00
16K. Birmingham4.6711
Half Moon Bay

#Athlete NameIPHRERBBK
Team Totals6124423
9Ryan Grennan231101
12Charles Custer121111
16K. Birmingham372211
Half Moon Bay

#Athlete Name2B3BHRBFAB
Team Totals41030
9Ryan Grennan2009
12Charles Custer1006
16K. Birmingham11015
Half Moon Bay

Team Totals20
9Ryan Grennan10
16K. Birmingham10
Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory has not entered any stats for this game.