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Bath County-------11--
Rowan County-------10--

Game Story

Kentucky High School Baseball - Rowan County can't hold off Bath County

(April 25, 2011: Owingsville, KY 40360) In Monday's league game, the host Bath County Wildcats baseball team scored a tight 11-10 victory over the Rowan County Vikings.

The Wildcats (8-9) will now prepare for their game against Sayre (Lexington, KY). The Spartans go into the non-league game with a 10-3 record. In their last game, Sayre was edged by Clay (Lexington, KY), 8-5, in a league game.

The Vikings (5-6) will now prepare for their outing against Mason County (Maysville, KY). The Royals go into the non-league outing with a 0-11 record.

Game Stats

Bath County has not entered any stats for this game.
Rowan County


#Athlete NameAvgPAABRHRBI
Team Totals.2763529887
1Shane Wages.00022000
3Darrell Cross.00033000
6B. Goodpastor.50022012
8Harold Chapman.50022111
10Justin Lewis.50022111
11Jessie Jennings.33333111
15Zach Messer10000
19Jordon Cornett20000
20Clay Johnson10100
23Brett Tackett.00021000
24P. Casey1.00011110
27D. Gilkinson.00044000
33John Stacy.00044100
34Gabe Richmond1.00021110
38Brad Huthinson.50044122
Rowan County

#Athlete Name2B3BHRSFSH/BBB
Team Totals200003
8Harold Chapman100000
10Justin Lewis100000
19Jordon Cornett000002
23Brett Tackett000001
Rowan County

Team Totals6300.400.345
6B. Goodpastor0000.500.500
8Harold Chapman1000.5001.000
10Justin Lewis1000.5001.000
11Jessie Jennings0000.333.333
15Zach Messer01001.000
19Jordon Cornett00001.000
20Clay Johnson01001.000
23Brett Tackett0000.500.000
24P. Casey00001.0001.000
27D. Gilkinson2000.000.000
33John Stacy2000.000.000
34Gabe Richmond01001.0001.000
38Brad Huthinson0000.500.500
Rowan County


Team Totals.0001313
1Shane Wages.00022
3Darrell Cross.00011
6B. Goodpastor.00011
19Jordon Cornett.00011
23Brett Tackett.00022
27D. Gilkinson.00033
33John Stacy.00033
Rowan County


Team Totals3.00131
23Brett Tackett3.82111
27D. Gilkinson0.001
34Gabe Richmond5.251
Rowan County

#Athlete NameIPHRERBBK
Team Totals7611373
23Brett Tackett3.238242
27D. Gilkinson222020
34Gabe Richmond1.111111
Rowan County

#Athlete Name2B3BHRBFAB
Team Totals2003830
23Brett Tackett1002015
27D. Gilkinson0001210
34Gabe Richmond10065
Rowan County

Team Totals.200.36811000
23Brett Tackett.200.40011000
27D. Gilkinson.200.33300000
34Gabe Richmond.200.33300000